PW 10 TT mile results ☀️☀️☀️=🚀

Firstly as always a huge thanks to our timekeepers and marshalls. They have been absolute rocks of our TTs this year. Ros Spencer & Tom Kelly timekeeping. Sam Upshall, Craig Weston & Andy Haas for marshalling on the corners 🙌

What we discovered tonight is super hot continuously dry weather, mixed with end-of-season fitness equals super quick times 🚀

Before I go into the top result, this week saw PBs for so many. Pep Neimeijer (25.00), Robbie Fall (25.13), Sian Mcpherson (26:43), and Colin Brumble (23:23)  all continued their great seasons with NEW PBS tonight 👊

There were also Personal Bests for Sarah Inwood (26:57), Oli Davies (24:56) and Ed Palmer (24:56). I’m sure I have missed a few but shout out in the comments if you hit a new quickest time.

The headline result tonight goes to Tom Day. Only a few weeks ago, Tom was the first person to smash through the sub-20 mark on the P459 course. Tonight, Tom became the first, and potentially the only person for a long time to go sub 19! He obliterated his previous best by over a minute in a time of 18:46, Chapeau 👏

At the top of the Premier division, PBs all round means the winner of the league will go down to the final the race, winner takes it all!😬

Tim Flynn took the quickest time on the night with 20:57. Close behind in second was Alex Rowling with 21:13. Taking third was Steve Pink in 21:27.

In the road bike league, fresh with his super slick new bike setup, Dan Newman had the quickest time with a 22:42 and a new PB. In second place and taking over 30 seconds of last week’s time was Daniel Paine. Rounding out the top 3 (you guessed it, with a new PB) was Ed Palmer with a 24:56.

Finally few shout-outs. Firstly the ever-present supporter, Keith Griffin, decided to give Time Trialling a go. Representing Swanage CC, on his first event rode a super strong 30:09. Hopefully we see you back racing next week! Also a shout out to Amy Yeoman. Her first TT on the P459 and she brought home a very quick 26:03 🤟

Next week is our last TT of the season. We’ll be starting this event at 6:45 pm. Make sure you get out of work early to join the season finale!

PW TT Results – 3rd August 🚀💨

Firstly a big thanks to all of our helpers tonight. Our crack timekeeping team Ros and Marcy. Our marshalls, the ever-present Andy Haas and club legend Craig Weston. Finally Sam Upshall and Stuart Ramsay helping organise riders on the line calling riders as they finish. We couldn’t have put the event on without you 🙌


Tonight it seemed like a lot of people had a rocket strapped to their bike 🧨🚀 With the wind blowing steadily from the South West, it created some great conditions for racing tonight!


To start, congratulations to Wessex RC rider Tom Clements. With a metronomic cadence, he tore around the P459 course in 20:31. A rapid time and the fourth quickest this year 🏆


In the battle for the TT leagues, Tim Flynn and Alex Rowling continued to trade places. Both taking the next quickest times on the night, 21:25 & 22:07. Only a couple of points separate the top 3, Tim Flynn, Alex Rowling and Steve Pink it’ll go to the last TT to decide the winner!


The road bike category win was taken by road racer Dan Newman, 23:07 was unmatched on the night. Shout out to first-time rider Daniel Paine. Only in the country for one week, brushing off the jet lag from his flight, puts down the second quickest road bike time of 24:04 🤟

Third and quickest female & Junior on the night was Holly Ramsey. Switching to the road bike Holly showed she is carrying some great form into the end of the season getting a 24:51 🥉 💪


To demonstrate that every second counts, fourth to seventh were separated by a mere 7 seconds. Ben Whitcher won the battle with a 25:02. Narrowly behind was the returning Kieran Graham in a 25:03, followed by Thom Rigden in 25:05 then Martin Cracknell in 25:09 #Squeezetotheline


There were also plenty of PBs tonight but to name two big improvements 💪 Ed Palmer took 1 minute 23 seconds off his PB and now has his sights firmly on a sub-25-minute TT before the end of the season. Hannah Mitchell also took 1 minute 11 seconds of her PB coming home in an impressive 32:24 on her second event 👊💥


Thanks to everyone who raced tonight and for making it a fun atmosphere. Only two more TTs left this season. Make sure you get signed up next week!


PW TT Results 27/07 🚀


Firstly big thanks to everyone helping tonight. Ros Spencer and Marcia Rendall timekeeping ⏱ Our two marshalls Sam Upshall and Andy Haas 🦺 and to those helping on the line, Stuart Ramsay, Keith Griffin and Jeremy Gill 🙌

It was a pleasure to come up Puddletown Road without a headwind 🌪 Light winds all evening led to some quick times on the night 🤟

Firstly a shout-out to some massive PBs. Alex Rowling, switching to a TT bike, took the overall best time on the night with a 21:37 🏆

Holly Ramsay was the fastest female on the night and knocking loads of tome of her PB with a 23:41 🏆

Rufus King and Sian Mcpherson went sub 27 minutes for the first time this season with a 26:41 & 26:47 👏

Pep Neimeijer continued his impressive form for the season getting another huge PB of 25:46.

A few first timers tonight and as far as I know loved the course! Fionn O’Carroll was super strong on a road bike with a 25:38. Hannah Mitchell, on debut, said although she nearly quit at 5 miles, loved it by the end! Her time of 33:35 beat her goal and will be back.

Give yourself a mention in the comments if you took PB or Course best.

The TT is back again next week at the same time of 7pm.


PW TT Results – 20th July 🚀

PW TT Results – 21st July 🚀

Apologies for the late posting of the results. Thanks to all the riders taking part last night. As always it was a fun atmosphere 🙌

A huge thanks to our timekeepers, Ros Spencer and Tom Kelly. Also to the helpers on the night Stuart Ramsey, Samantha Upshall and CraigCraig Weston 👏

Firstly a shout out to Robbie Fall who took a huge PB on the night! That is nearly 5 minutes quicker than the start of the season!
Steven Pink came close to breaking his own Poole Wheelers record with an impressive 21:36. Alex Rowling also was discovering his form with a super 22:39 🏆🏆

If you got a PB, shout it out in the comments sections 🤟

Results PW TT – 13th July

After the promise of a quick night, I was slightly off. A North-East wind gave all of the riders a leg-sapping battle to get to the finish line.

A big shout out to Rufus King 📢 He took a huge 40 seconds off his PB this week 🙌

A few legends of the PW TT scene returned this Wednesday. On his first TT in a few years, Rob Flynn set a very respectable 27:41. Gary Tuskin came in just behind with a dead-on 28 minutes.

Cycling coach and the ever-quick Greg Parker set a super quick time of 26 minutes on his Road bike.

A huge thanks to the helpers this week. Our time keeping team of Ros Spencer and Tom Kelly. Stuart Ramsay organising the line and our two marshalls John Terry and Samantha Upshall.

Next weeks TT will be at 7:15pm

PW Climb Championship: Race 1 results 🚀

Who doesn’t love a Hill Climb? With an incredible bubbling atmosphere and cheering all the way to the top, it was a great evening of racing. All that was missing today were the cowbells (Next time!).

A brave 24 riders took to the start line to tackle the brutal but glorious Creech Hill Climb today. Thankfully a dry night and road for the 20% pitches that pepper the climb. The 2 to 4-minute effort was a serious lung buster to all of those involved.

A big thanks to all of the organisers and photographers tonight. Ros Spencer, Suzy Watkins and Jeremy Gill as our timekeepers.  A big thanks to Ben Ansell for making the event feel like day 1 of the Tour de France by holding riders up at the start.

The Juniors led the way today and showed everyone how to tackle the climb with 2 of the top 3 under 16. Oli Gill was the quickest on the night with an incredible 2 minutes, 36.2 seconds. Agonising 3.5 seconds back was Dan Newman with a 2.39.7. An effort that hard Dan could only collapse to the grass bank following the effort “Now the adrenaline has gone, I can feel all the nettle stings I got from collapsing on the roadside”.

George Mahon rounded off the podium with a super strong ride of 2.45.4. It was a close-fought battle for the final podium spot with only one-second splitting 3rd to 5th. Alex Rowling continued his fine form taking 4th with a 2.45.9 and Alasdair Hitchen, not feeling the effects of a recent wedding and honeymoon was 5th with 2.46.4

Other notable rides came from Rufus King and Robbie Fall showing they are mountain goats in road cycling with 2.50.0 and 3.26.4. Come the next hill climb in October the juniors could be packing out the top 10.

Chapeau to George Terry who loved Creech hill so much he took it on 3 times that evening!

Other close-fought battles on the night saw Michael O’Driscoll have one of the biggest smiles of the night when finding out he beat Ed Palmer by 0.1 second! 3.29.6 and 3.29.7. Mark Branford took home family bragging rights beating his son Daniel by a narrow 5.6 seconds, 3.50.4 & 3.56.1.

Thank you to everyone who helped and raced. Next Wednesday we’ll be back to time trialling on the usual P459 at 730pm.


PW TT Results 22nd June 🚀

Wednesday night 10 mile TT was the hottest of the year so far☀️🥵! It came with some absolutely rapid times from the riders who took to the start line.

Supported on the night by our crack TT support team, a huge thanks to Ros Spencer and Jeremy Gill for Timekeeping. The ever-present Andy Haas watching over Puddletown Road corner, Craig Weston for marshalling Wool Roundabout and Pete Watkins & Steve Fall keeping the start/finish line in check! We couldn’t get the TT on without you 🙌

In the Road bike Category, Alex Rowling,  strode to the quickest time and sneaked under 23-minutes and showed no signs of feeling the effects of a mid-season hiatus from studying.

Behind, Noah Miller and Michael O’Driscoll both set course PBs 👏

For the TT bikes. it went right to the line with Steve Pink pipping Tim Flynn to the best time by 2 seconds, 21:32 and 21:34 respectively. In doing so, Steve took the record time set by a Poole Wheeler! The previous record set by Max Baldock of 21:33 had stood for 16 years!

On the night Oli Gill was the quickest Junior with a hugely impressive 22:54! With back-to-back sub 23’s, Oli may soon be knocking the top two off the podium!

Grace Upshall was the quickest Under 15 with a 26:07 and Robbie Fall continued his week-on-week improvement with a 27:29 🤜

Next week we take a brief break to fit in our Hill Climb series! Come and join for 5 minutes exhillation climbing one Dorsets iconic climbs.




PW TT Results – 15.06


PW TT Results – 15.06

Last night was an incredible turnout! Thanks to everyone who rode, it was great seeing so many out wanting to race.

A big thanks to the support team last night. Ros Spencer Bev Wadsley & Jeremy Gill for time keeping. Our marshalls Andy HaasAlex Rowlingand Kieran Graham, and also Steve Fall for refereeing the crowd at the start line!

Last night was nearly the best conditions of the year. With 30-second intervals between riders, it also gave everyone that extra impetus to chase down the person down the road.

I wanted to focus on a middle-of-the-field competition. Michael O’Driscoll special request to set off 30 seconds behind Thomas Rigden. Thom was level to the challenge but was pipped to the better time by 3 seconds from Michael!

PBs were flying last night. Our Juniors taking PB’s all-round 🙌Robbie Fall continued his week on week PB take 7 seconds off this week.
The biggest improvement was Oli Gill. With an absolutely rapid time of 22:51, he took nearly a minute off his best time 🚴💨

Shout out to Paul Furey who also took a new PB and continues hiS week on week improvement!
Also, SNoah Miller took a new 
Road Bike PB hot on the heels of his 50-mile TT on Sunday.

PW 10 Mile TT Results 08.06

Another great turnout for the PW TT on Wednesday night!  Thanks for everyone racing and making this a great event to run.

Most importantly, the race couldn’t have gone ahead without the support of our marshall and Timekeepers, Ros Spencer, Suzy Watkins, Pete Watkins, John Vinson and Kieran Graham. Thank you for the support 🙌

Despite the strong headwind on Puddletown Road 🌪 Some Poole Wheelers easily shrugged this off to produce some great PB’s!

Grace Upshall produced a new power PB on her way to set a time of 26.30 and the fastest lady TT rider on the night 🥇

Another Junior making light work of the conditions was Robbie Fall. On his first-ever ride of a time trial bike, Robbie put nearly a minute into his best time setting a new PB of a 27.47 💪!

Shout out to Ben Ansell who also took over a minute off his PB with a little inspiration from our course guide, setting the fourth-best road bike time on the night with a 27.07.

Same time next week for Wednesdays TT. Lets hope for lest of a head wind!

PW 25 mile open TT / South DC Championships

50 riders took to the start line for the South DC championships /  Harold Cribb 25 mile TT this morning.

After the morning mist cleared, the riders had a near-perfect day for a TT. The full results can be found here Rider results – 2022.05.22.xlsx – Live results

Joe Parker cruised to a comfortable victory in the Men’s competition to be crowned the Male South DC 25 mile champion 🏆 His time of 50.32 was the quickest on the day. Only 9 seconds separated 2nd and 3rd! Tom Clements of Wessex CC pipped Andrew Rivett of VC St Raphael to the runner up spot with times of 52:12 and 52:21 respectively.

The top 3 females on the day were split by less than 45 seconds. Local time trialli

ng regular Louisa Cooper of Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers was quickest on the day to be the Female South DC 25 mile TT champion with a time of 1:05:30 🏆 In second place was a battle between two Poole Wheelers. Sarah Inwood put in a PB to take second place with a 1:06:09. Lauren Falconer was very close behind with a 1:06:16.

The best vet on standard was the closest contest on the day. David Butt pipped local time trialling legend Terry Icke by 1 second. Davids time of 57:48 was 18 minutes 22 seconds under his vet on standard time (01:16:10). Terry produced a very respectable time of 01:04:21 to beat his vet on standard time (1:22:33) time by 18 minutes and 21 seconds.

The fastest place overall female veteran on the day was Michelle Walter with a time of 01:08:07

The fastest place overall male veteran on the day was Tom Clements with his time 52:12.

The team prize was scooped by VC St Raphael. Andrew Rivett (52:21), Matthew Buckley (53:24) and Kevin Baker (53:39) set a combined time of 2:39:24.

From the home club Poole Wheelers, congratulation to Steve Pink set the fastest male time with 53:03 and Sarah Inwood who set the fastest Female time of 1:06:09

A special thanks to our time keepers, Ros Spencer, Marcia Rendall and Tom Kelly. Our Marshalls, Jackie Courtney, Joey Blythe, Pep Niemjier, Ryan F, Pete Cotty, Luke Rendell, Jason Falconer and Andy Haas.

Pete and Suzy Watkins produced the brilliant live results board and kept us up to date with the times.

Our next open event is on Sunday 26th June for the Gary Dighton 10 mile memorial TT. It is on the super fast P412 Ski Slope course. Make sure you get sign up