Ride with Poole Wheelers

Riding with Poole Wheelers

No matter who you speak to on the club run, the overriding word that comes through is ‘friendly’. (Cycling Weekly, 22nd March 2018)

Poole Wheelers is one of the most successful and friendly local cycling clubs, located in Dorset on the south coast of England. We have fantastic countryside with a blend of hills and open areas which are perfect for cycling. Find out more about us, join one of our regular events below or connect with us via our Facebook group.


Current Summer Schedule (Apr-Aug):

Head to our events calendar for details on all scheduled events and rides. Signed up to each using the links in the calendar, alternatively, head to our Facebook group for more information.



Join Poole Wheelers!

If you want to meet members first before joining our club, join our Facebook Group or look at our Events pages to find out where we will next be gathering and meet us in person.

If you have never been a British cycling member in the past and feel that you may become a member in the near future, you will get a BC discount if you join our club first and then become a member of British Cycling. This is because we are a Go-Ride club. If you would like more information on this please email our Club Secretary.

You can purchase or renew Poole Wheelers annual membership online via our club page on the British Cycling website. 

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