Road Racing

Racing is Back for 2022

Welcome to the Poole Wheelers Road Race page, I hope to try and provide some information or provide assistance to any one that is interested in road racing. We have several members who actively compete in road races throughout the season and would be able to offer assistance to newbies to road racing. Please contact our Road Race Captain Mark for more information.

If you are new to this, we have a page dedicated to Getting Into Road Racing!

Racing with Poole Wheelers

We have set up a Poole Wheelers Road Race WhatsApp page so you can stay in contact with fellow roadies; find out if someone is going to the same race, need a lift or have a question. If you email me (Mark) your number I’ll add you to the contact list. This is open to anyone.

We are looking to expand our road race team next year if you are looking to get involved please contact me and I’ll help you no matter what your level is.

The Moreton Race Series is a weekly crit race, running around a 2.6 mile lap, on the roads of Moreton every Thursday evening in the summer. The series runs from May to July – refer to BCW Facebook page for more information. Riders are set off in ability related groups, so everyone has a chance of winning! It’s a good place to start for riders new to road racing or good training workout.

New to Road Racing?

Maddy Verdegaal has created a video which we hope will help people understand what is involved with road or criterium racing.

Other race series and events

If you fancy trying British Cycling Road/Circuit racing a good place to start would we the Portsmouth Evening Circuits run every Wednesday through out the summer at Mountbatten. Another place to start is Thruxton on a Thursday evening. Here you find at least one of us racing every week.

Stage Races we are looking to enter:

  • Sandisons (March)
  • Tour Ta Malta 3 Day Event
  • Bikestow 3 Day (June)
  • L’etape de la Defonce 2-day Stage Race (June)
  • + other stages races here and abroad

Often in the British cycling events tactics plays a big part especially if you have team mates within the same race, as we will often try to work together. We will always try to have a chat before to see who’s feeling good or not.

Throughout the year many of us will race in the same events and will make contact before hand about arranging lifts and entry. Some events will require a team to enter and we will ask around or via our Facebook page who fancies entering. Entry will be normally done as a team; accommodation, transport is arranged as a group.

For more information about road racing, contact:

Road Secretary: Mark Valentine