About Poole Wheelers

We have a rich history of cycling going back to 1926, notably in various race disciplines such as Track, Road and Time Trials!

Previous Poole Wheeler Members such as Ali Feilding, Izzy Sharpe and Ben Gill all making notable achievements within the current Track scene for the British Cycling Team.

History of the Club

Poole Wheelers was established on 10th November 1926.

Initially named Poole Wheelers C. & A.C. (Cycling and Athletics Club), the club was renamed before the Second World War to what we know it as today, Poole Wheelers Cycling Club. You might come across some old cycling medal’s from the early years, as shown here (right) with the icon of a dolphin in the centre.

The Harold Cribb Memoirs

We are very lucky to have a detailed record of our early club history, in the form of Harold Cribb’s memoirs, which covers the period from the club’s formation on 10th November 1926 through to 1986, and a more recent history written to cover the 1990s and part of the 2000s.

Club Achievements, Notable Cyclists and Mentions

You can view complete race stats and past trophy winners on our results website.

Club Presidents

  • 1926-1943 L.E. James
  • 1944-1947 W.A. Dightam
  • 1948-1949 H. Cribb
  • 1950-1953 E.G. Speck
  • 1954-1955 A. Rothwell
  • 1956-1959 R.F. Russell
  • 1960-1964 J. Jefferies
  • 1965-1969 A. Smith
  • 1970-1971 R. Mills
  • 1972-1975 P. Beckley
  • 1976-1986 H. Cribb
  • 1987-2000 J. Jefferies
  • 2001-2014 C. Price
  • 2015-2017 R. Spencer
  • 2018-2022: G. Hurst
  • 2022 – Present: Craig Weston