Youth (under 16’s)

The future of cycle sport lies with the youngsters we can encourage into organised events. Poole Wheelers have invested in members who are qualified to coach our younger members. The Coaches are parents themselves and understand the importance of making it all fun as well.

If you have children who are keen to get involved in cycling contact Poole Wheelers.

Throughout the summer, we have club track sessions for youth and novice riders along with a later combined session for intermediate and experienced riders.

Charlotte at a road race (photo: John Pick)

Come along to meet other members, we do ask that parents stay at the track sessions while their children are taking part.


Off Road There are also a number of off road events which are suited to the younger riders.


Time Trials on the road is available (minimum age is 12 years) but only with parents written consent and support. The CTT lay down exacting conditions to reduce risks to young people when competing.

Danny Byrne at the Jurrasic Beast Sportive

Road racing for youth riders is always done on closed circuits and details of these can be found on the British Cycling website.


Track racing for youth riders are typically part of day events or so-called omnium. Poole Wheelers organise one annually, which is part of a series of Omnium events especially targeted at Under 16 riders.

Tom Day at Calshot (photo: John Pick)

Compete To participate in competitive road or track races, you need a racing licence and the club is happy to help guide anyone requiring one.


Graham Hurst is a parent and one of our coaches and would be happy to hear from any parents who want to encourage their children to cycle. Contact Graham

The current Poole Wheelers junior club captains are:

Junior Captain (Ladies): Lucy Gadd
Junior Captain (Boys): Sam Wadsley

Kids having fun at Calshot velodrome (photo: E. Thorsen)