Zwift WTRL Race Teams for Season 2

It seems we’ve got ourselves quite an online race team!
Ben Salvia, our team manager, has been busy building on our success from recent racing leagues on Zwift to build five teams which now have 32 riders and covers all race categories for the up and coming race series.
Season 2 of the World Tactical Racing League (WTRL) is starting on Tuesday 12th January, and with over 1500 teams registered from around the world (across 100 leagues), our riders can’t wait to start racing! The series includes five points-races and three team time trials (TTT). Racing every Tuesday evening, you’ll be sure to see some races being shared on our YouTube channel and also here on Facebook. Although racing in a world league, our teams have been placed in leagues where other local clubs (to Poole) are also taking part including Bath CC, RMACC, PDQ, Newbury Velo, Exeter Wheelers and North Devon Wheelers to name a few – BC will using the series to create a local league list of all the teams that fall into the UK Southern region too.
Race 1 – Richmond
The first race of an eight-race series is the UCI Worlds course (reverse direction). The route is a replica of the 2015 UCI Road World Championships course in Richmond, Virginia, USA. It was at this course where Peter Sagan famously attacked on 23rd Street to eventually win his first World Champs jersey. It’s a wonderful race course, with steep, attackable climbs in the first half and very flat and fast in the second half of the lap – there are two laps to complete resulting in 34km distance and 284m elevation.
Meet the teams
CAT-A – one of 66 teams in the EMEA W2 league
Captained by Ben Salvia, we have Ashley Newman, Lewis Stark, Tim Flynn, Brett Wheeler, Ade Murrey and Pat Atkinson
CAT-B – one of 103 teams in the EMEA E2 league
Captained by Sammy Perren, we have Noah Miller, Paul Axon Mason Bonner, Peter Short, Neil Gartland and Maurizio Borghi
CAT-C – one of 34 teams in the EMEA E2 league
Captained by Matt Colley, we have David Tilsed, Leighton Smith, Josh Naylor, Les Pick and Pete Watkins
CAT-D – one of 11 teams in the EMEA E1 league
Captained by Andy Petty, we have Sarah Inwood, Andy Richardson, Tim Morris, Scott Francis, Reg Holden and Jim Perren
CAT-D Ladies – one of 27 teams in the AMERICAS E1 league
Our Ladies only team captained by Suzy Watkins, we have Catherine Petty, Zoe Taylor, Emma Hanson, Jill Lewis, Sadie Mitchell and Helen Broadbridge
(EMEA = Europe, Middle East and Africa)
All teams are limited to six riders per race and must have at least three riders take part in all races (four for TTT). With all teams with at least six riders and team registration closed, if you are interested in cycle racing online we would love to hear from you as we can always can fill gaps where people can’t take part in a race for whatever reason (you don’t have to commit to all races).
Anyone thinking of virtual racing, get yourself on Zwift, RGT or any other virtual cycling platform, sign up to a Zwift Power account (you will need this to take part in most racing leagues) and give it a go!
There are other leagues on other platforms so, if you are racing in any events, it would be great to see what you’re doing and how you’re getting on! Search PWCC for all our Poole Wheelers on each platform and drop us a 👍 and follow!

Coronavirus Tiers and Cycling in groups

With local tiers constantly changing it’s important to make sure that our members are aware how this effects cycling, as there is an ever-changing landscape of tiers locally.


Tier 3 residents

You can ride in groups up to 6 people but must stay within your area/tier if neighbouring areas fall under a different (higher) tier (4 or above).


Tier 4 residents

Cyclists from tier 4 areas are ONLY able to ride within their own area (tier 4) with members of their own household/support bubble or alone with 1 other person (observing social distancing).


In both scenarios, you are only permitted to cycle to another higher tier area (4 or above) if it is for work, hospital appointments etc


Current club ride status

With these restrictions in mind, Poole Wheelers have cancelled all foreseeable club group rides to adhere to these rules. We hope the restrictions will ease soon and aim to pencil plans for a Spring club ride but will continue to review any increase/decrease in restrictions with the intention to re-start group rides ASAP.


For now, ride safe!


For more information visit British Cycling website

Wednesday Evening Club Ride – 4th November 2020

After last week’s success, the Poole wheelers Wednesday evening ride is back again 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️💨
The 5-day forecast is for a delightful autumn evening 🍂✨, make sure you sign up to keep those legs spinning through winter
As per last week please use the sign-up form below
On Tuesday I’ll post a link to the groups and where to meet at Poole Park Cricket Pavilion.
Each group will be a maximum of 6 and aim to leave at 1 to 2-minute intervals from Poole Park Cricket Pavilion from 18:30 so we can stay separate on the road.
Newcomers and non-club members are all welcome, always great to see plenty of riders through the winter months 🚴‍♂️❄️🍁🚴‍♀️.
If it’s you’re first time for the Wednesday ride let me know in the comments on the form.
The route will be the usual loop of Sandbanks, check out the Strava segment below. The route may vary on the night to help prevent groups of similar speeds from mixing.

Wednesday Evening Club Ride – 28th Oct -20

I’m excited to announce our Wednesday Evening Club Rides are back! 🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♂️💨
This is a staple of the club every Autumn/Winter to keep you riding and motivated as the season’s change 🍂❄️
The first evening will be Wednesday 28th October, each group will leave at 2-minute increments from 1830.
All you need to do is fill in one or two details and the average speed you think you’ll ride at, we’ll then assign groups of 6 based on this.
On Tuesday evening we’ll assign the groups and email you as well as post again on the Facebook page.
“But I want to ride with a friend👫” …don’t worry, the form has you covered, you can input one person you want to be included in your group.
The route will be the usual loop of Sandbanks, check out the Strava segment below. The route may vary on the night to help prevent groups of similar speeds from mixing.
The ride is open to non-members, if it’s your first time to an evening ride please add it to the comments and I can put you with an experienced member of the club.
Any questions please leave a comment below or direct message me 🙂

Club events and group rides UPDATE

Last week (8th July) the committee discussed the potential of restarting club events including social and group rides, TTs and Track sessions.
After discussing the options and reviewing the current guidelines and restrictions, many people within the club who are key to these events and rides taking place, are not currently comfortable to restart club events at this moment in time.
The committee are in constant contact with each other and are due to revisit the restrictions at the end of July and will give you an update thereafter.
We appreciate everyone is keen to reinstate the club events, however we feel there is a big ask on the personal to put these events on. We pride ourselves on being a social club and with the restrictions and logistics to follow, these restrict and hinders the enjoyment of these types of events. Please bear with us and we will let you know as soon as possible of any developments going forward.
In the meantime, happy cycling, stay safe and we look forward to catching you all again soon!
On behalf of PWCC committee

Poole Wheelers Mugs

Poole Wheeler Mugs

Mugs are £5 each with the option to purchase multiple mugs if required.

Orders to be made via this order form



Whilst making this order payments should be sent to:
Poole Wheelers

When making payment online, use your surname and item as reference (example, SURNAME – Mugs)

Once order has been made, please send an email to Pete Watkins to notify us the order has been placed.

Three mug designs as follows

Style 1 (below)



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