Saturday Youth Coaching

27 April 2024

9:30 | White Jersey Group

Approximate age 6 and under

45 minute session practicing all those basic cycling skills. To move from this group we will need to see these skills in practice without direction from a coach. Skills include, ready position, braking, awareness of others.

10:30 | Yellow Jersey Group

Approximate age 9 and under

45-60 minute session using basic skills in a variety of situations. This group will learn to use their skills until they become more automatic on all terrain. Skills include, group riding, cornering, descending.

Cost - £2  Payable by card on the day

Before you join, all you need to do is complete the consent form and join the app which will appear at the end of the consent from.


You can leave the app at any time but this is where we keep our registers and contact details. All communication on the sessions will go on this.


If you have any queries please contact the club secretary who will point you in the right direction.


Occasionally we run led rides or change location to vary the terrain.

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