Club kit

Cycling Kit

Available to buy now, the Poole Wheeler’s British Cycling (BC) approved kit, is sourced locally and is to a made to a high quality. We encourage all members to take advantage of the great prices and kit options available for all-year-round cycling.

The eye-catching kit was designed to celebrate the clubs 90th anniversary in 2016, using club colours to stand out, for safety and to promote the club when on the road.



We have two supplies of our kit which can be purchased direct from the manufactures HALO SPORTS or NOPINZ please contact Mark Valentine for information on current stock levels and bulk orders (making savings on P&P). To access the PW range on the HALO SPORTS website, use the code poolewheelers*161025 or NOPINZ website use the password PooleW2019, alternatively contact Mark Valentine direct.

Spring Jacket XL 0 £65
Spring Jacket L 1 £65
Spring Jacket M 2 £65
Spring Jacket S 1 £65
Autumn Jacket M 1 £80
Short sleeved tops full zip (Childrens) M 2 £25
Short sleeved tops S  1 £45
Short sleeved top full zip extra Length S 1 £45
Short sleeved tops full zip XS 0 £45
Short sleeved tops full zip M  2 £45
Short sleeved tops full zip L  3 £45
Short sleeved tops full zip XL  0 £45
Ladies Short Sleeve top XL 0 £45
Ladies short sleeved top M 1 £45
Ladies short sleeved top S  1 £45
Ladies short sleeved top L  2 £45
Gilet L  2 £42
Gilet XL  1 £42
Gilet M  3 £42
Gilet S  0 £42
Gilet XS  1 £42
Bibshorts XS  1 £50
Bibshorts XL  0 £50
Bibshorts S 1 £50
Bibshorts L  2 £50
Bibshorts M  2 £50
Winter Biblongs S 1 £60
Winter Biblongs M 1 £60
Bibshorts age 11/12  2 £33
Ladies Bibshorts M 1 £50
Ladies Bibshorts L 2 £50
Ladies Bibshorts XL 1 £50
Ladies Bibshorts XS 2 £50
Ladies Bibshorts S 2 £50
Caps NA 14 £7.50

Black Hoodies and white T-shirts also in stock, hoodies £15 kids and £25 adults. T-shirts £10 kids and £12 adults.


Tops and Jackets



Skin Suits

Sizing Guide

Refer to HALO SPORTS clothing sizing guide for more information.

Leisure clothing (more to come)

Also available are various club branded leisure clothing garments, all locally sourced and high quality.  For all purchase enquiries, contact Mark Valentine. We do hold some of the T-shirts in stock.

Polo Shirt (RED) £12

T-Shirt (RED) £8

Jacket £46


Clothing Tips

For all-year-round cycling, various items are available to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  The PW range is comprehensive leaving you with no need to shop around for best items.

Always use padded shorts or trousers to prevent soreness that can develop over time on the saddle.

Consider investing in wicking undergarments. These materials take any sweat away from your skin to evaporate, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.

Skinsuits are perfect for the all-out effort of a time trail (TT), they provide an improved aerodynamic profile with no pockets from a standard jersey. However, during a road race, training or leisure activity you may want to stow food etc therefore you may need clothing with pockets.

Cyclists who attend competitions are encouraged to wear club kit colours to promote the club.

All cyclists wave or ‘nod’ at fellow cyclists when out and about, if you see another PW rider, make sure you say hello!