PW 10 TT mile results ☀️☀️☀️=🚀

Firstly as always a huge thanks to our timekeepers and marshalls. They have been absolute rocks of our TTs this year. Ros Spencer & Tom Kelly timekeeping. Sam Upshall, Craig Weston & Andy Haas for marshalling on the corners 🙌

What we discovered tonight is super hot continuously dry weather, mixed with end-of-season fitness equals super quick times 🚀

Before I go into the top result, this week saw PBs for so many. Pep Neimeijer (25.00), Robbie Fall (25.13), Sian Mcpherson (26:43), and Colin Brumble (23:23)  all continued their great seasons with NEW PBS tonight 👊

There were also Personal Bests for Sarah Inwood (26:57), Oli Davies (24:56) and Ed Palmer (24:56). I’m sure I have missed a few but shout out in the comments if you hit a new quickest time.

The headline result tonight goes to Tom Day. Only a few weeks ago, Tom was the first person to smash through the sub-20 mark on the P459 course. Tonight, Tom became the first, and potentially the only person for a long time to go sub 19! He obliterated his previous best by over a minute in a time of 18:46, Chapeau 👏

At the top of the Premier division, PBs all round means the winner of the league will go down to the final the race, winner takes it all!😬

Tim Flynn took the quickest time on the night with 20:57. Close behind in second was Alex Rowling with 21:13. Taking third was Steve Pink in 21:27.

In the road bike league, fresh with his super slick new bike setup, Dan Newman had the quickest time with a 22:42 and a new PB. In second place and taking over 30 seconds of last week’s time was Daniel Paine. Rounding out the top 3 (you guessed it, with a new PB) was Ed Palmer with a 24:56.

Finally few shout-outs. Firstly the ever-present supporter, Keith Griffin, decided to give Time Trialling a go. Representing Swanage CC, on his first event rode a super strong 30:09. Hopefully we see you back racing next week! Also a shout out to Amy Yeoman. Her first TT on the P459 and she brought home a very quick 26:03 🤟

Next week is our last TT of the season. We’ll be starting this event at 6:45 pm. Make sure you get out of work early to join the season finale!

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