PW Climb Championship: Race 1 results πŸš€

Who doesn’t love a Hill Climb? With an incredible bubbling atmosphere and cheering all the way to the top, it was a great evening of racing. All that was missing today were the cowbells (Next time!).

A brave 24 riders took to the start line to tackle the brutal but glorious Creech Hill Climb today. Thankfully a dry night and road for the 20% pitches that pepper the climb. The 2 to 4-minute effort was a serious lung buster to all of those involved.

A big thanks to all of the organisers and photographers tonight. Ros Spencer, Suzy Watkins and Jeremy Gill as our timekeepers.Β  A big thanks to Ben Ansell for making the event feel like day 1 of the Tour de France by holding riders up at the start.

The Juniors led the way today and showed everyone how to tackle the climb with 2 of the top 3 under 16. Oli Gill was the quickest on the night with an incredible 2 minutes, 36.2 seconds. Agonising 3.5 seconds back was Dan Newman with a 2.39.7. An effort that hard Dan could only collapse to the grass bank following the effort “Now the adrenaline has gone, I can feel all the nettle stings I got from collapsing on the roadside”.

George Mahon rounded off the podium with a super strong ride of 2.45.4. It was a close-fought battle for the final podium spot with only one-second splitting 3rd to 5th. Alex Rowling continued his fine form taking 4th with a 2.45.9 and Alasdair Hitchen, not feeling the effects of a recent wedding and honeymoon was 5th with 2.46.4

Other notable rides came from Rufus King and Robbie Fall showing they are mountain goats in road cycling with 2.50.0 and 3.26.4. Come the next hill climb in October the juniors could be packing out the top 10.

Chapeau to George Terry who loved Creech hill so much he took it on 3 times that evening!

Other close-fought battles on the night saw Michael O’Driscoll have one of the biggest smiles of the night when finding out he beat Ed Palmer by 0.1 second! 3.29.6 and 3.29.7. Mark Branford took home family bragging rights beating his son Daniel by a narrow 5.6 seconds, 3.50.4 & 3.56.1.

Thank you to everyone who helped and raced. Next Wednesday we’ll be back to time trialling on the usual P459 at 730pm.


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