Coronavirus Tiers and Cycling in groups

With local tiers constantly changing it’s important to make sure that our members are aware how this effects cycling, as there is an ever-changing landscape of tiers locally.


Tier 3 residents

You can ride in groups up to 6 people but must stay within your area/tier if neighbouring areas fall under a different (higher) tier (4 or above).


Tier 4 residents

Cyclists from tier 4 areas are ONLY able to ride within their own area (tier 4) with members of their own household/support bubble or alone with 1 other person (observing social distancing).


In both scenarios, you are only permitted to cycle to another higher tier area (4 or above) if it is for work, hospital appointments etc


Current club ride status

With these restrictions in mind, Poole Wheelers have cancelled all foreseeable club group rides to adhere to these rules. We hope the restrictions will ease soon and aim to pencil plans for a Spring club ride but will continue to review any increase/decrease in restrictions with the intention to re-start group rides ASAP.


For now, ride safe!


For more information visit British Cycling website

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