Calshot Track Sessions 2 of 5 – 7th December Book your place

If you want to ride you need to book your place NOW- -send e-mail to

You need to do this by Sunday 1st December  

Below is a copy of earlier post with details of all the winter Calshot dates and information on how the sessions will be run

We will this winter have 5 sessions at Calshot along with Palmer Park from Reading – we will be restricted to 20 riders per session I will collect names nearer the time for now here are the dates for your Diaries

2/11/19 – 14.00-17.00

07/12/19 – 14.00-17.00

04/01/20 – 13.00-16.00*

01/02/20 – 14.00-17.00

07/03/20 – 14.00-17.00

* Note this Jan session is 1 hour earlier than the others.

Cost £5.00 per session

These sessions will be open to all members, and will be ideal for someone who has not ridden the track before and wants to come along and learn, but also for experienced riders.

The emphasis will be on learning to ride the track safely and competently in a group – yes, there will be some times when you will be required to work harder, but also times when you can have a bit of fun; after all, it will be winter then and not too many of you will still be racing. Depending on the take up, we can increase the intensity of the sessions in the New Year when some of you will be building up towards the new season.

Remember this is Calshot – NO big gears, 81” is ideal – I will be checking!!! (U16’s use an U14 gear).

If you don’t have a track bike, these can be hired at the track, cost is £10.00 for seniors and £7.50 for juniors (u18).The hire bikes are fitted with Look Keo pedals. Shoes are also available for hire at a cost of £3.50.
Pedals are not allowed to be changed on Hire Bikes

However we do have some club bikes so if you need one please contact me before and we will see if we have one you can borrow.

There are good changing / shower facilities at the track should you require these after the session.

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