Sign up: Rothwell League Club TT on Ski Slope course Sunday 2nd June 2019 ***MARSHALS NEEDED***

It is a 10 miles time trial on the P415/10 Ryvita / ski slope course, starting at 07:00 on Sunday 2nd June 2019.

Great opportunities for fast times!

Signing on is in the industrial estate just before the Ryvita factory (the start point), where there is parking available too.

Please put your name down on this site in the comments section below which will help us get a start sheet going, but as always entries on the line will be accepted.

This event counts towards the Rothwell league.

We are always looking for volunteers to help marshal our events. If you are able to help out with this or any other event, please let us know in the comments below or email Luke Rendell.

Strava segment of the course below, and club records for the course are on our results page.

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  1. yes please Ros, sorry about the other Sunday, I read it as an evening event then saw everyone on the course in the morning and recognised I’d got it wrong!…Russ

  2. Hi please can I have a start, the earlier the better if that’s ok as doing a club ride at 8.30.

  3. I’m in and also asking for early start ! ☺️😍 going for ride with LB afterwards .. thank you PW!!!

  4. Gutted to say I can’t make it. I’ve developed a cold so am resting up 🙁 please take my name off the list

  5. Hi, Here is the start list so far, happy to accept more entries on the line. Please note that the results will be at the signing on near the start, NOT down at Canford Heath as is previous years.

    1 Russ Corn PW
    2 Suzy Watkins PW
    3 Maria Nunez PW
    4 Lauren Bishop PW
    5 Jon Terry PW
    6 Ben Salvia PW
    7 Daryl Tidd PW
    8 Rob Tooley PW
    9 John Rivett PW
    10 Gary Trudgett PW
    11 Richard Porter CCW
    12 Nigel Rendell PW
    13 Jack Martn VCV
    14 Mike Williams PW
    15 Rupert Silman BJW
    16 Matt Blythe BACC
    17 Jamie Franklin ?
    18 Ben Leigh PW
    19 Steve Morphew PW
    20 Nick Barks PW
    21 Stu BJW art Martingale Sotonia
    22 free
    23 free
    24 Ben Whitcher PW
    25 Tim Flynn PW
    26 Tom Piloni BJW

  6. Hi not sure if my comment worked, as I can’t see it. But I would appreciate a spot on the start list I can jump on 22nd or 23 rd place if that’s easier. Pawel Niewiadomy VC Venta

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