Sign up: club time trial on Bulbury course Wednesday 08/05/2019

Our next time trial is on Wednesday 8th May 2019

It is a 10 miles time trial on the P412/10 Bulbury course, starting at 19:30.

This is a fast course along the Upton bypass, so great opportunities for PBs!

Signing on is at the far end of the Bulbury Woods Golf club car park.

Please put your name down on this site in the comments section below which will help us get a start sheet going, but as always entries on the line will be accepted.

This event counts towards our evening ten leagues.

We have no less than seven different divisions, so there’s a competitive element for everyone. The top-3 in each league are as follows:

  • Premier Division: 1st Paul Axon 155pts, 2nd Nick Barks 120pts, 3rd Tim Flynn 80 pts
  • First Division: 1st Chris Hill 156pts, 2nd Glen Axon 152pts, 3rd Steve Morphew 79pts
  • Second Division: 1st Gary Trudgett 118pts, 2nd Lauren Bishop 110pts, 3rd Nigel Rendell 77pts
  • Third Division: 1st Sarah Bascombe 120pts, 2nd Andrea Heslington 116pts, 3rd Ellie Rendell 79pts
  • Junior League: 1st Dan Bryne 40pts, 1st Liam Openshaw 40pts, 3rd Digby Llewellyn 39pts
  • Handicap Ten League: 1st Glen Axon 144pts, 1st Paul Axon 144pts, 3rd 141pts
  • Women’s League: 1st Sarah Bascombe 153pts, 2nd Lauren Bishop 116pts, 3rd Andrea Heslington

We are always looking for volunteers to help marshal our events. If you are able to help out with this or any other event, please let us know in the comments below or email Luke Rendell.

Strava segment of the course below, and club records for the course are on our results page.

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  1. Yes please Ros. A late start time please (as I’ll be coming from the Isle of Wight on Wednesday)…!
    Martin Andrews (VC Venta)

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