Accredited marshal course

Accredited Marshal course (South Region)

British Cycling are growing our team of Accredited Marshals in 2018. This is your chance to become part of our team. A trainee Accredited Marshal course will be taking place for the South Region on Saturday 10th March 2018 at The Royal Chase Hotel, Shaftesbury from 09:30-13:30. British Cycling plans to utilise the Accredited Marshal Scheme in 60% of its regional road races across the country in 2018, with the backing of almost 80% of the nation’s police forces – further safeguarding the future of the sport. The ‘Stop! Cycle Race’ sign, which features in the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions document, allows British Cycling trained marshals to legally stop and hold traffic to allow the safe passage of a cycle race. British Cycling’s director of cycling, Jonny Clay, said: “The Accredited Marshal Scheme is playing a vital role in ensuring that road races are safe for all involved: riders, the race convoy and other road users. This is your chance to join the team and make road racing safer.

Following the course you are required to attend and trainee marshal at 5 events in order to complete the training and become accredited, ideally within a year. Following successful completion of training you are asked to attend a minimum of 5 races a year, get a free Bronze membership or the value off a higher level of membership, and get a waterproof jacket. You can claim 20p per mile for travel expenses to and from an event as soon as you have attended the training course.

AMS is vitally important to the future of road racing, increasing safety for the riders and the public, and improving the reputation of races in local areas. Your support will be key in this, having the lawful authority to stop traffic at a junction with a designated sign enables the race to pass safely and professionally through. If you are interested in becoming a commissaire, please see the following link for more details Regards, DAN GREENWOOD Regional Events Officer

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