Changes to TT regulations for 2017 season

The Cycling Time Trials – South District has just posted the following announcement on Facebook about TT rule changes for the 2017 season:

A couple of items of news from the CTT National Council Meeting earlier this month, which you need to be aware of for the 2017 season, if you ride Open events (also know as ‘Type A’ events).

Change to Regulation 17:

“In Type A events a competitor must return to the event HQ either during the event or within a reasonable time after the last rider has finished the event and must (i) return their race number(s) and (ii) sign the official Signing-out Sheet”.

‘Signing out’ has been introduced to help the organiser of the event check all riders have returned safely and also to make sure that riders are available for doping control if there is one taking place at the event.

New regulation 30 (b):

“Tandems may enter a Type A event but shall not be eligible for any prizes in the event and the time recorded shall not be used for any purpose unless the event is designated TAN.”

This effectively means that tandems can enter any Open event, not just designated tandem events.

The latest edition of the ‘CTT Matters’ newsletter which contains all the recent information from ‘Head Office’ can be found here:

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