Poole Wheelers 90th Year Dinner and Prize presentation

Becky in Switzerland winning her world title earlier this year

Poole Wheelers celebrated its 90th year with its annual dinner and prize presentation at Salterns Hotel last night with over 70 members and guests attending.

It was hoped that Becky Raybould current world Junior scratch race champion would have been able to attend but now she in on British Cycling’s senior academy unfortunately that was not possible but she very kindly sent her Mum Rachel to deputise for her and to present all the awards on her behalf.

Rachel did very kindly bring along Becky’s world champion’s jersey medal and 2 European medals which Becky had won earlier this year.

Trophy photographs courtesy of John Pick.

Award winners 2016

Sam Wadsley Junior South District Championship for the 4th Year – too old next year !!!

Rothwell Points competition

Luke Rendell
Luke Rendell with Rachel Hadley

1st 198points

Einar Thorsen 2nd 140 points
Les Jessop 3rd 133 points
Steve Pink 4th 119 points
Terry Belbin =5th 112 points
Luke Trussler =5th 112 points
Sam Wadsley 7th 110 points
Daren Lewis 8th 107 points
Gary Tuskin 9th 104 points

10 Leagues

Peter Bowen 3rd Division 10 League
Howard Pankhurst
Howard Pankhurst and Rachel Hadley

2nd Division 10 League

Luke Trussler
Luke Trussler with Rachel Hadley

1st Division 10 League

Sam Wadsley
Sam Wadsley and Rachel Hadley

Premier Division 10 League

Sam Wadsley Handicap 10 League trophy
Sam Wadsley Junior 10 League

Other competitions

Tim Flynn
Tim Flynn with Rachel Hadley

Best Improver – over the year

Tim Flynn Mike Malins Trophy  – For best improver in the Harold Crip open 25mile TT
Luke Rendell
Luke Rendell with Rachel Hadley

Novice shield

Luke Rendell Hill Climb Trophy
Luke Rendell Handicap Trophy – For Open 25
Daren Lewis Vets BAR – Ave Speed
Daren Lewis Vets BAR – Ave Speed on Std
Steve Pink Senior Club Champion

Cyclo Cross

Mark Valentine
Mark Valentine and Rachel Hadley

Senior Cyclo-cross

Rebecca Hurst
Rebecca Hurst and Rachel Hadley

Ladies Senior Cyclo Cross Champion

Bryn Turner Juvenile Boy Cyclo cross Champion
Lucy Gadd
Lucy Gadd with Rachel Hadley

Juvenile Girl Cyclo-cross Champion


Lucy Gadd
Lucy Gadd with Rachel Hadley

Colin Price Trophy for the outstanding Junior / Juvenile on the track

Simon Pettifer
Simon Pettifer and Rachel Hadley

Senior Track Champion

Rebecca Hurst
Rebecca Hurst and Rachel Hadley

Junior Lady Track Champion

Lucy Gadd
Lucy Gadd with Rachel Hadley

U16 – Girl Track Champion

Tom Day
Tom Day and Rachel Hadley

U14 – Boy Track Champion

Poppy Llewellyn
Poppy Llewellyn and Rachel Hadley

U12 Girl Track Champion

Jamie Whitcher
Jamie Whitcher with Rachel Hadley

U12 Boy Track Champion

Road Racing

Martin Rowland Senior Road Race Trophy awarded for BC points
Joel Brennan

Tim Flynn

Ryan Weston

Ryan Weston, Tim Flynn and Rachel Hadley

Equal first on number of TLI points

Gavin Smith Trophy for highest place rider in the Dorset league both BC and TLI racing
Sam Wadsley Junior Road Racing

Club Person of the year announced on the night

Sam Wadsley


Graham Hurst and Rachel Hadley
Mark Denny and Lee Marsden
Joan Price and Ros Spencer
Leanne Pick
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