Annual dinner and presentation evening 2017

After another successful season of cycling, it is now time to celebrate our members’ achievements at the Club Annual Dinner and Presentation Evening. The venue this year is the Salterns Habourside Hotel at Liliput, where we look forward to great food, a few words from our speaker, the trophy presentations and a prize raffle.

If you and/or your family/friends would like to attend, please complete the slip at the bottom of the menu (page two) with your name(s) and choices from the menu. Please return the slip by Friday 3rd November at the latest, payment is by bank transfer only this year. The price is £25 per adult and £15 for children. Bank details: sort code: 30-96-73, account number 57784268, all payments will need a reference, please put ‘Din followed by your surname (e.g. Din Valentine) Please note that tickets will not be issued but I will confirm receipt via email.

The slips can be returned Ros, Graham or Mark Valentine (, payment must be received to confirm your booking.

The Salterns Habourside Hotel is also offering a discounted overnight stay, bed and breakfast £79 based on 2 people sharing. If there is an additional person in the room this will be charged at £15, unless under 5 years old. Please contact the hotel direct to book, stating it’s for the ‘Poole Wheelers Presentation evening. 01202 707321

We would welcome raffle prize donations and if you are happy to donate, please contact me or any Poole Wheelers committee member.

We hope you can join us in celebrating our achievements!

Salterns Habourside Hotel
BH14 8JR

Saturday 18th November 2017
19:00 for 19:30 seated

Menu reply slip


Race summary, Week 18 (1-7th May)

Two Poole Wheelers club time trials and another busy racing week for wheelers!

Poole Wheelers “Ski Slope” PW Club 10 01/05/17, Results

The week kicked off with the May bank holiday Monday Poole Wheelers club 10 on the super fast P415/10 ‘ski slope’ course. The forecast looked ominous for the 54 entrants, threatening to call off the race completely, but the rain stayed away for the 36 riders who made the event. Sam Wadsley took home the win with a time of 20:39!

Great write up from Eamon Deane on the Local Riders, Local Races blog: Pop Up Racing, Who Needs Open’s? Poole Wheelers “Ski Slope” Club 10, Report Results

The race counts towards the Poole Wheelers Rothwell League.

Position Rider Club Time mph Rating PWRecord Competition(s) and Points
1 Sam Wadsley Poole Wheelers 20:39 29.056 85.821   Rothwell 40 , HCP League 40
2 Craig Haslam Team Bottrill 20:49 28.823 85.101    
3 Steve Pink Poole Wheelers 20:58 28.617 84.453   Rothwell 39 , HCP League 38
4 James Horton VC St Raphael 21:02 28.526 84.165    
5 Adrian Murray Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 21:05 28.458 83.949    
6 Richard Porter CC Weymouth 21:20 28.125 82.869    
7 Tim Flynn Poole Wheelers 21:38 27.735 81.574   Rothwell 38
8 Mike Williams Poole Wheelers 21:43 27.629 81.214 Personal Best Rothwell 37
9 Adam Mitchell Zoom Tri Club 22:09 27.088 79.343    
10 Craig Weston Poole Wheelers 22:11 27.047 79.199   Rothwell 36 , HCP League 37
11 Barrie Watkinson Bournemouth Arrow CC 22:14 26.987 78.983    
13 Michael Akers JPCC 22:30 26.667 77.831    
14 Matt Blythe Bournemouth Arrow CC 22:46 26.354 76.679    
15 Stuart Peckham New Forest CC 22:48 26.316 76.536    
16 Tom Day Poole Wheelers 22:54 26.201 76.104 Personal Best Rothwell 35
17 Pete Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC 23:06 25.974 75.240    
18 Nathan Stulmacher Poole Wheelers 23:08 25.937 75.096   Rothwell 34
19 Chris Day Poole Wheelers 23:29 25.550 73.584   Rothwell 33
20 Robin Darch Poole Wheelers 23:30 25.532 73.512 Personal Best Rothwell 32
21 Andrew Humphreys Poole Wheelers 23:39 25.370 72.865   Rothwell 31
22 Shaun Palmer Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 23:40 25.352 72.793 Personal Best  
23 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC 24:38 24.357 68.618    
24 Neil Dyble Bournemouth Arrow CC 24:50 24.161 67.754    
25 Ashley Corby Poole Wheelers (day) 25:14 23.778 66.027    
26 Paul Thomas CC Weymouth 25:51 23.211 63.364    
27 Bob Chandour Poole Wheelers 26:03 23.033 62.500   Rothwell 30
28 Emma Needham CC Weymouth 26:04 23.018 62.428    
29 Ben Salvia Poole Wheelers 26:40 22.500 59.837   Rothwell 29
30 Andrea Heslington Poole Wheelers 26:43 22.458 59.621   Rothwell 28
31 Einar Thorsen Poole Wheelers 27:07 22.127 57.893   Rothwell 27 , HCP League 36
32 Les Jessop Poole Wheelers 27:48 21.583 54.942   Rothwell 26 , HCP League 39
33 Ben Gill Poole Wheelers 28:13 21.264 53.143   Rothwell 25
34 John Pick Chronos RT 29:28 20.362 47.745    
  Aaron Kneebone Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA DNF        
  Tony Sawyer Poole Wheelers DNF       Rothwell 1
  Averages for event 23:46 25.245 72.346    

Poole Wheelers Club 10 03/05/17, Results

Two days later we were back on our regular course, the P459/10 Gallows Hill course. Sam Wadsley again took home the win, with 22:03. Our road team featuring Mark Valentine/Kevin Egan/Tim Flynn/Sam Brooke took the opportunity to practice their 4-up team time trial skills, with an effort clocking in at 22:43.

The race counts towards the Poole Wheelers Ten Leagues.

Position Rider Club Time mph Rating PWRecord Competition(s) and Points
1 Sam Wadsley Poole Wheelers 22:03 26.667 85.204   Premier 40
2 Adrian Murray Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 22:25 26.230 83.710    
3 Mike Williams Poole Wheelers 23:06 25.455 80.928 Course Best Premier 39
4 Luke Rendell Poole Wheelers 23:28 25.057 79.434 Course Best 1st Division 40
5 Matthew Rollinson Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 23:38 24.880 78.756    
6 Andrew Humphreys Poole Wheelers 24:20 24.164 75.905    
7 John Rivett Poole Wheelers 27:13 21.604 64.163    
8 Paul Thomas CC Weymouth 27:15 21.578 64.027    
9 Ray Quarrie Poole Wheelers 27:48 21.151 61.787    
10 Phil Harvey Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 28:22 20.729 59.480    
11 Andrea Heslington Poole Wheelers 28:29 20.644 59.005 Course Best 3rd Division 40
12 Gary Trudgett Poole Wheelers 28:55 20.334 57.240 Course Best 3rd Division 39
13 Max Bentley Poole Wheelers (day) 29:43 19.787 53.982    
14 John Burrows Poole Wheelers 30:05 19.546 52.489   3rd Division 38
15 Les Jessop Poole Wheelers 30:50 19.070 49.434 Course Best 3rd Division 37
16 Jim Firth Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 31:57 18.404 44.887    
  Averages for event 26:51 21.899 65.652    

Bournemouth Arrow Club 10 04/05/17, Results

12 Jamie Whitcher Poole Wheelers 00:26:28

18 Ben Gill Poole Wheelers 00:29:19

Weymouth Crit Series #1 Report/Results

3rd Cat Race top 12 result

5th Kevin Egan Poole Wheelers CC
11th Samuel Wadsley Poole Wheelers CC
12th Vincent Harding Poole Wheelers CC

4th Cat Race top 12 result

11th Samual Brooke Poole Wheelers CC

Wiggle Jurassic Beast Sportive 06/05/17, Results

Several Poole Wheelers joined the Wiggle Jurrasic Beast Sportive on Saturday this week. Photo is of Danny Byrne who made it around in 5:01:10 on the Standard Route (63 Miles) with his dad, Colin, who he blames for a wrong turn or two towards the end that added a few extra miles!

Standard Route (63 Miles)

Jamie Whitcher – 04:32:51
Gary Trudgett – 04:39:11
Danny Byrne – 05:01:10
Colin Byrne – 05:01:12

Epic Route (99 Miles)

Robin Darch – 06:52:32
Kevin Perry – 06:55:26

Omega Track #2 Results, 06/05/17

PW Results from Round 2 at the Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth


7th Charlie ABEL B Poole Wheelers CC


6th Charlie ABEL B Poole Wheelers CC


1st Charlie ABEL Poole Wheelers CC


2nd Charlie ABEL Poole Wheelers CC 17 pts


5th Charlie ABEL B Poole Wheelers CC

Bournemouth & Dist WCA 25 Results

3 Samuel Wadsley Poole Whs ME 0:53:59 3rd fastest Man 30

6 Steven Pink Poole Whs MS 0:55:05 65

51 Terry Belbin Poole Whs MV* 1:08:39 0:00:43 1:07:56 7

Overseas training

Not everyone went racing this weekend, some wheelers were training hard in Majorca, Spain. That or scouting for some fabled lighthouse… we expect to see some fast times in the coming weeks!

Summer season starts, what’s next for you?

As the winter club rides on Wednesday evening will be coming to an end (final ride is on 5th April), we are as a club regularly asked “what else can I get involved in once these rides have finished?” You have already done the training in the dark, cold, wet and often windy conditions so why stop now that the weather is getting good again! It could be time to put some of that training to use in some of the following events.

Time Trials

Just you against the clock, no special equipment required. Just a bike, helmet and a back light.

You can just turn up to any of our club 10 mile time trial events which will start running every Wednesday evening and the occasional Sunday morning. Great for training and to learn about yourself.

The first Wednesday evening TT is on the 12th April, and the full list is on our Events page.

For more information contact Craig Weston.

Road Racing

Road racing consists of riding in large groups with one aim: to beat every other rider to the finish!

Multiple distances and difficulty gradings make every race unique so you never know what will happen.

To get involved you will need a full race licence from British Cycling which can be gained via their website.

To find out more contact either Mark Valentine or Ryan Weston, or have a look at our overview of getting into road racing.


We are lucky enough to have a velodrome on our doorstep at Bournemouth Cycle Centre in Ensbury Park. Poole Wheelers have outdoor track sessions planned throughout the year, and when winter hits we move indoors again. Bike hire is available with full coaching.

First track session is scheduled for 3rd April and every Monday thereafter.
There is also a ride on the last Saturday of the month at 2pm.

To find out more contact Graham Hurst, or have a look at our overview of getting into track cycling.

Social Rides

Saturday morning ride meets at Wimborne Square at 7:30am, 90 minute, mixed pace with overall average of around 16mph

Sunday Mornings:
Intermediate/Fast: 3 –4 hours, varied routes, only for experience riders as terrain and average speed combined will make these sessions a tough ride. Average speed 17- 21mph depending on course. (Craig)

Casual: 2 -3 hours, varied routes, average speed 16 -17mph. (Richard)

Check Poole Wheelers Facebook page for information.

All rides include a coffee stop 🙂

Poole Wheelers 90th Year Dinner and Prize presentation

Becky in Switzerland winning her world title earlier this year

Poole Wheelers celebrated its 90th year with its annual dinner and prize presentation at Salterns Hotel last night with over 70 members and guests attending.

It was hoped that Becky Raybould current world Junior scratch race champion would have been able to attend but now she in on British Cycling’s senior academy unfortunately that was not possible but she very kindly sent her Mum Rachel to deputise for her and to present all the awards on her behalf.

Rachel did very kindly bring along Becky’s world champion’s jersey medal and 2 European medals which Becky had won earlier this year.

Trophy photographs courtesy of John Pick.

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