Wednesday Night Rides – Your Club Needs YOU!

Dear all

It’s great to see so many riders already signed up to ride our Wednesday night clubs rides – about 60 riders in week 1! – and we just need a little bit of support from everyone to keep these nights running. Poole Wheelers is run by the members for the members, meaning we each have a part to play in helping the club run smoothly.

Ros volunteers her time week in, week out to make us all lovely hot drinks post-ride. However, we also need someone to open up and set things up ready for her each week. If everyone covers this for just one week, we’ll soon have a full complement of volunteers to keep this going throughout the season.

In short, the week you volunteer, you’ll need to open the pavilion, put the forms out on the table and get things ready for the hot drinks. More details are given in the link below, where you can sign up for the week you want to cover.

Sign Up Here

Put your name down now and we’ll be sorted for the season in no time!

Thank you.


Poole Wheelers 2018 dinner and prize presentation

Poole Wheelers celebrated 2018 with its annual dinner and prize presentation at Salterns Hotel on 24th November with lots of members and guests attending.

Special thanks go to those who kindly donated to our raffle prizes:

  • Primera £100 voucher – Jason Gault Team Jobs
  • Cyclefix three 3* services – Dennis Thorn
  • Bike Cleaning kit – Andy Downton
  • Will service – Simon Bowman
  • Rowing Lessons – Ian Dryden
  • Bottle of Champagne – Ian White
  • Women’s Sports Skirt – Lauren Bishop

Next year Poole Wheelers will be supporting the local charity, AboutFace, which provides support for patients who have been diagnosed or living with head and neck cancer. Fellow wheeler, Robin Darch, already organised a ride in support on 17th November in aid of this and the club will continue to support in the coming year.

Thanks to Les Pick for being master of ceremony and to Ellie Rendell for handing out the trophies. Photographs courtesy of John Pick.

Award winners 2018

Some of the award winners who received their trophies at the dinner

Rothwell Points competition

Nick Barks 266 points
(Trophy: “PWCC Presented By A ROTHWELL Esq President 1953-55”)
Paul Axon 203
Patryk Witkowski 198
Ian Dryden 192
Luke Rendell 174
Craig Weston 166
Gary Tuskin 161
Ellie Rendell 155
Mike Williams 154
Ben Salvia 134

10 Leagues

Ellie Rendell 3rd Division 10 League
Ian Dryden 2nd Division 10 League (trophy)
Paul Axon 1st Division 10 League (Sid Rooker Memorial trophy)
Luke Rendell Premier Division 10 League (ALAN SPENCER MEMORIAL trophy)
Luke Rendell Handicap 10 League trophy (BERT BENNETT Memorial Cup)
Dan Byrne Junior 10 League (junior trophy)

Other competitions

Luke Rendell Best Improver – over the year
Ellie Rendell Novice shield
Paul Axon Hill Climb Trophy

Cyclo Cross

Martin Reeder Senior Cyclo-cross
Oliver Tooley Juvenile Boy Cyclo cross Champion


Tom Day Colin Price Trophy for the outstanding Junior / Juvenile on the track
Simon Pettifer Senior Track Champion (Rob Jefferies memorial picture)
Tom Day U16 – Boy Track Champion
Isabel Sharp U16 – Girl Track Champion
Jamie Whitcher U14 – Boy Track Champion
Isabel Sharp U14 – Girl Track Champion
Ollie Pettifer U12 – Boy Track Champion
Charlie Pettifer U10 – Boy Track Champion
Grace Upshall U10 – Girl Track Champion

Road Racing

Mark Valentine Senior Road Race Trophy awarded for BC points (“The TOM SHEPHERD Memorial Trophy”)
N Manderville Junior Road Race Trophy

Honorary trophies announced on the night

Richard Martin Club Person of the Year (“The Ian Cribb Memorial Trophy”)

Voted for by secret ballot at the AGM

Digby Llewellyn 2018 Special Achivement Award

Fantastic results for club youngsters at the RTTC National Youth Championship finals

Isabel Sharp won the 10-mile National Youth Championship at the RTTC finals staged in Norfolk on Saturday 8th September! Not content with just being National Champion, Isabel also clocked a new the GHS Championship Record… This is an extraordinary achievement from a rider who is still only 13!

Cycling Weekly, 13th September 2018

Poole Wheelers also took home the team price with Tom, Jamie and Isabel, who all also won their respective age groups. Their combined winning time of 1:01:52  was also a new GHS Championship Record. That’s a lot of winning!

Isabel Sharp: 22:04 1st 13 year old, 1st overall girl and 39th overall in the combined results
Thomas Day: 19:32 1st 16 year, 2nd overall
Jamie Whitcher: 20:16 1st 14 year old, 9th overall

Tom was only one second off the winner…

“I felt strong through the whole race and was pushing for a PB however when I hit the monster head wind on they way back I knew I had to dig deep”, recalls Isabel. “When I saw my time at the end I was so pleased. I didn’t even realise I had won overall until my friend told me. Definitely my best achievement to date.”

Jamie said that “during the TT I had no idea how I was doing, I had no one to chase and I couldn’t see my Garmin but I felt really good and pushed hard all the way. When I sat up at the finish to see my time I was really pleased, very happy with my age cat win and overall result.”

This caps off an extraordinary summer for our youth riders, who have been competing in a range of races in the UK and abroad. Jamie even won the Kids-Tour Berlin 2018, a four stage race, as part of the international Cannibal Team. After a fantastic performance in individual and Team time trials, a road race and a criterium race, Jamie won the Yellow Jersey and Cannibal Team won the Team Classification!

Congratulations from everyone in Poole Wheelers to all our youth riders!

New course record at the Gary Dighton Memorial Open TT

Tim Cartwright on his record breaking ride (Photo: John Pick)

Great turnout for the annual Gary Dighton Memorial Open Time Trial on the P415/10 course today, which was won by Tim Cartwright of Newbury RC who set a cracking new course record of 18:40 at the same time! Gary would have been proud of how you smashed it up! If anyone wants to know what that ride looks like, check it out on Strava.

Conditions were good and resulted in 33 out of 97 starting riders recording a new personal best.

Well done to everyone who took part, and all the volunteers who made it happen.

Photograph from the event will be published on the Poole Wheelers Facebook group in due course.

Prize winners

The winner, Tim Cartwright, also received the Gary Dighton Memorial Trophy, and a bonus for a new course record!

1ST FASTEST Tim Cartwright Newbury RC 18:40 £40.00
2ND FASTEST Samuel Wadsley Primera-Teamjobs 19:37 £25.00
3RD FASTEST Paul Jones Primera-Teamjobs 19:48 £20.00
4TH FASTEST Shawn Gray Gillingham and District 19:56 £15.00
5TH FASTEST John Samways Bournemouth Jubilee 20:23 £10.00
1ST LINE 1 IMPROVEMENT Gary Trudgett Poole Whs 01:54 £20.00
2ND LINE 1 IMPROVEMENT Nicholas Barks Poole Whs 01:51 £15.00
3RD LINE 1 IMPROVEMENT Tom Kelly Poole Whs 01:24 £10.00
1ST LADY Joanne Jago Performance Cycles CC 22:46 £40.00
1ST LADY IMPROVEMENT Ellie Rendell Poole Whs 01:41 £20.00
1ST VETERAN Julian Lockwood Primera-Teamjobs 20:19 £25.00
1ST VETERAN Greg Parker CC Weymouth 20:19 £25.00
3RD VETERAN Andrew Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee 20:21 £15.00
1ST VET ON STD Dave Driver Yeovil Cycling Club 09:23 £25.00
2ND VET ON STD Neil Mackley Fareham Wheelers CC 08:00 £20.00
3RD VET ON STD Pete Wilson Bournemouth Arrow 07:56 £15.00
1ST JUNIOR Thomas Day Poole Whs 21:20 £20.00
10TH FASTEST Neil Mackley Fareham Wheelers CC 20:25 £10.00
20TH FASTEST Mike Williams Poole Whs 20:53 £10.00
30TH FASTEST Thomas Day Poole Whs 21:20 £10.00
40TH FASTEST Stuart Peckham New Forest CC 22:20 £10.00
50TH FASTEST Robert Flynn Poole Whs 22:53 £10.00
60TH FASTEST Doug Parker Sid Valley CC 23:30 £10.00
1 Samuel Wadsley Primera-Teamjobs 19:37 £10.00
2 Paul Jones Primera-Teamjobs 19:48 £10.00
3 Julian Lockwood Primera-Teamjobs 20:19 £10.00

Note: each rider can only win one prize, apart from spot prizes. If a rider won multiple, the lowest valued prize category would be awarded to the next fastest rider in that category.

Provisional results

Provisional results below, with official results published on the CTT website and the Poole Wheelers’ results database.

1 Tim Cartwright Newbury RC Male S 18:40
2 Samuel Wadsley Primera-Teamjobs Male E 19:37
3 Paul Jones Primera-Teamjobs Male V 19:48 07:06
4 Shawn Gray Gillingham and District Male S 19:56 00:37
5 Greg Parker CC Weymouth Male V 20:19 07:53
5 Julian Lockwood Primera-Teamjobs Male V 20:19 00:12 07:40
7 Andrew Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Male V 20:21 05:09
8 John Samways Bournemouth Jubilee Male V 20:23 05:55
9 Jason Gault Primera-Teamjobs Male V 20:24 01:06 06:06
10 Neil Mackley Fareham Wheelers CC Male V 20:25 00:05 08:00
11 Patrick Dunn CC Weymouth Male V 20:29 05:37
12 Giles Greening Tri UK Male S 20:30
13 Nick Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Male V 20:34 05:20
14 mark stafford Portsmouth North End Male V 20:37 05:17
15 Steven Pink Poole Whs Male V 20:41 04:49
15 Antony Green New Forest CC Male V 20:41 00:00 07:31
17 Brendan Reese Army Cycling Union Male V 20:44 04:58
18 Adrian Murray Bournemouth Jubilee Male V 20:46 00:02 06:47
19 Jason Streather Velo Club St Raphael Male V 20:50 00:11 05:28
20 Mike Williams Poole Whs Male V 20:53 07:19
21 Kevin Baker Andover Wheelers Male S 20:56
22 Jon Brumfield CC Weymouth Male V 20:58 00:13 05:32
23 Chris Martin Yeovil Cycling Club Male V 21:05 06:41
23 Luke Rendell Poole Whs Male S 21:05 00:45
25 Sacha Ring New Forest CC Male V 21:06 05:48
26 Dan Murphy CC Weymouth Male V 21:10 00:01 05:20
27 Ray Claridge New Forest CC Male V 21:14 05:40
28 Patryk Witkowski Poole Whs Male S 21:17
29 Barrie Watkinson Bournemouth Arrow Male V 21:19 06:27
30 Thomas Day Poole Whs Male J 21:20
31 Tim Flynn Poole Whs Male S 21:21 00:29
32 Richard Porter CC Weymouth Male V 21:26 05:04
33 Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth Male S 21:35
34 Nicholas Barks Poole Whs Male V 21:45 01:51 04:57
35 Jase Cakebread Christchurch Bicycle Male V 21:47 00:06 05:07
35 Frank Kilsby Velo Club St Raphael Male S 21:47
37 Peter Lynk Bournemouth Jubilee Male V 21:49 06:10
38 Martin Piper TeamSpy Male V 22:08 04:46
39 John Chapman CC Weymouth Male V 22:16 00:57 06:36
40 Stuart Peckham New Forest CC Male V 22:20 04:34
41 Luke Trussler Poole Whs Male V 22:23 03:19
41 Craig Weston Poole Whs Male V 22:23 05:49
41 Duncan Hermer Poole Whs Male V 22:23 03:31
44 Michael Akers Julian Porter Cycling Male S 22:27
45 Andy Millward Yeovil Cycling Club Male V 22:37 05:48
45 Richard Wyeth Tornado Road Cycling Male V 22:37 00:37 03:29
47 Peter Hatt Velo Club St Raphael Male S 22:41 05:05
47 Paul Axon Poole Whs Male V 22:41 00:58 05:31
49 Joanne Jago Performance Cycles CC Female S 22:46 00:15
50 Robert Flynn Poole Whs Male S 22:53
51 Richard Norris Yeovil Cycling Club Male V 22:58 03:32
52 Colin Brumble CC Weymouth Male V 23:00 05:12
53 Pete Wilson Bournemouth Arrow Male V 23:04 07:56
54 Robin Darch Poole Whs Male V 23:05 04:28
54 Martin Bastable Wheels of Dorset Male V 23:05 00:43 03:25
56 Matt Blythe Bournemouth Arrow Male V 23:06 03:48
57 Philip Clack Fareham Wheelers CC Male V 23:10 00:08 05:28
58 Rupert Silman Bournemouth Jubilee Male V 23:11 02:31
59 Charles Rees Wheels of Dorset Male S 23:19
60 Doug Parker Sid Valley CC Male V 23:30 05:08
61 Robert Koppenhol Purbeck Peloton Male V 23:32 03:48
61 Louisa Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Female S 23:32
63 Andrew Mayfield Bournemouth Arrow Male V 23:35 04:37
64 Alan Cooper Avonlea Treasure RT Male V 23:38 00:05 06:10
65 Richard Ryder Gillingham and District Male S 23:42 01:29
65 Stephen Skinner Velo Club St Raphael Male V 23:42 00:58 06:34
67 Kirsty McSeveney Fareham Wheelers CC Female S 23:45
68 Naomi Shinkins Bournemouth Cycleworks Female S 23:54 00:33
69 Martin Beale Velo Club St Raphael Male V 23:58 02:32
69 Glen Axon Poole Whs Male V 23:58 00:53 03:35
71 Jo Buckland Bush Healthcare CRT Female V 24:04 00:15 05:30
72 Emma Needham CC Weymouth Female  S 24:12
73 Jennifer Lemen-Hogarth Velo Club St Raphael Female S 24:13 00:22
74 Bob Ghandour Poole Whs Male V 24:16 00:31 01:50
75 Tony Sawyer Poole Whs Male V 24:18 05:02
76 Neil Dyble Bournemouth Arrow Male V 24:22 04:03
77 Noah Miller Poole Whs Male S 24:24 01:13
78 Gail Brown Poole Whs Female S 24:29
79 Nigel Rendell Poole Whs Male V 24:31 00:13 03:54
80 Adrian Watkins Tornado Road Cycling Male V 24:37 02:56
81 Dave Driver Yeovil Cycling Club Male V 24:43 09:23
82 Colin White Bournemouth Jubilee Male V 24:50 02:30
83 Ian Dryden Poole Whs Male V 24:53 00:49 04:27
84 Terry Belbin Poole Whs Male V 24:54 03:31
85 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow Female V 25:09 05:51
86 Gary Trudgett Poole Whs Male V 25:13 01:54 01:29
87 Tom Kelly Poole Whs Male V 25:21 01:24 00:57
88 Ian Hayden Tornado Road Cycling Male V 25:26 02:59
89 Lauren Bishop Poole Whs Female S 25:33
90 Martin Balk 3C Cyclexperience Male V 26:04 03:16
91 Stephanie Lewars Poole Whs Female V 26:15 02:10
92 Alan Doney Portsmouth Triathletes Male V 26:19 01:14
93 William Simmons Christchurch Bicycle Male V 26:37 04:38
94 Robert Jolliffe New Forest CC Male V 26:40 04:20
95 Chris Summers Sotonia CC Male V 26:56 04:19
96 Ellie Rendell Poole Whs Female S 27:51 01:41
97 Graham Hewson MediaVelo Male V 29:52 01:08
Leighton Smith Bournemouth Arrow Male S DNS
Jonathan Hyndman Andover Wheelers Male V DNS
Pierre Scrase Baines Racing Male S DNS
Jack Martin Bournemouth Arrow Male J DNS
Nathan Ansell Bournemouth Jubilee Male S DNS
Andy Langdown Blazing Saddles Male V DNS
Lewis Keightley Primera-Teamjobs Male S DNS
Ian Hatch Sotonia CC Male V DNS
Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael Male V DNS

Senior Road Race report for April

A quieter month for the senior road race team. Congratulations to Nicholas Barks who won at Henstridge and in the process gained his 3rd cat licence:

Nicholas Barks

Henstridge Curit Race, Event 1 4th Cat                   1st

Manuel Maestra Agudo

John Andrews Memorial Road Race                        9th

Mark Valentine

Sandisons Spring Classic Road Race                         15th

Kevin Egan

John Andrews Memorial Road Race                        19th

Youth Season Review 2017

Some of the youth training at Bournemouth Velodrome

It’s been a busy 2017 for the youth riders of the club on the track and road.

Icebeakers in Newport
It all started back in January with the National Icebreakers in Newport. We had many riders competing across the 3 weekends gaining some awesome results showing off the club colours. These riders were Oliver P, Digby, Jamie, Charlotte, Tom and Lucy.

National Youth Circuit Series
The National Youth Circuit Series got under way at Hog Hill. This series carried on throughout the summer months with some riders travelling across the country from London to the Isle of Man, Morecambe and Lancaster, Hillingdon, Stirling and finally Scarborough. Some really tough racing for our riders, gaining huge amounts of experience with Lucy finishing 4th overall against the country’s best U16 Girls.

We also had Tom and Jamie travel down to Devon for some regional youth racing both achieving highly each event and doing the club very proud!

Lucy at the North West Youth Tour

Here is Jamie racing hard at Castle Combe

Easter brought around a few big races for the youth riders with Lucy competing in the Youth Tour of Scotland for the South and then many racing at the Castle Combe Easter Classic. In fact, we had a rider in nearly every age category!

Youth Omniums
April also brought the first of the regional youth omniums in Portsmouth, followed by Brighton and of course Poole Wheelers very own event at Bournemouth Velodrome. Our event was incredibly well organised by Simon and Michelle Pettifer which made for the most enjoyable omnium yet! Thanks again to all the sponsors too!

Our riders competing in these included Jamie, Charlie P, Oliver P, Digby, Patrick, Thom-Eidar, Charlotte, Tom, Lucy, Dan, Oliver G, Oliver T, Evie, Ben and Charlie A. For some of our riders it was their first ever race and they sure did everyone proud!

Ollie T and Thom-Eidar having fun at the PW Omnium

Ollie P & Digby ready to go

U10’s waiting for their next race

Tom setting off for the point’s race

Ben in his match sprint

Charlotte in her match sprint
Dan in a breakaway
Our new gazebo looked amazing

Not only was the team spirit high, but the talent was clearly recognised with Jamie, Oliver G, Evie, Lucy, Oliver P and Charlie P all gaining podium spots across the three rounds.

Evie 1st U10 girl

Ollie G 2nd U10 boy

Ollie P 2nd U12 boy

Jamie 3rd U14 boy at Preston Park

Lucy was 1st U16 girl at every event

Jamie and Lucy earned enough points to qualify for the National Omnium Final at Herne Hill. Both showed the PW colours with strength and determination among the country’s best riders.

Local Circuit Leagues
Throughout the summer we had a number of leagues that our youth riders were attending such as Odd Down, Goodwood, Thruxton, Portsmouth circuits and the Winchester Park and Rides.

Tom 3rd in Portsmouth

Lucy riding up in the women’s race at Goodwood

Winchester Criterium included the Southern Regional Road Championships again this year with storming rides from the youngsters including a podium finish from Oliver G, and a top 5 from Charlie P and Jamie along with all our youths giving it 100%.

Lucy top left & Jamie bottom right

Prudential Youth Grand Prix

The summer was a big one for our riders. Lucy and Jamie both competed in the London Prudential Youth Grand Prix at the Olympic Park for the South Team. First time in a team for Jamie and both performing to their best as always.

Tour of Assen
Tour of Assen for Tom, Jamie, Oliver G, Ben, Oliver P and Charlie P gave some great experience in Holland and some of the toughest racing yet! There’s a great article written by Jamie on our website.

At the same time as Assen, Lucy was racing in the National Youth Track Championships in Newport, a long draining week but plenty of experience gained each day. As we came to the end of the long season we had the UK School Games finals for Lucy and the rest of Team South. She and the other girls raced brilliantly gaining 3rd overall after the short crit races and 3rd by a fraction of a second in a gruelling team time trial.  Lucy herself gained 2nd in the sprints day and 8th in her final youth road race.

Tom at the start of the 60 lap scratch race

Inter-Regional Track Championships
Our final track race for the youth was for Tom and Lucy in the Inter-Regional Track Championships up in Glasgow. Both doing their bit for the team in a tough weekend of racing.

Time Trials
Many of the youth riders have taken part in time trials too over the summer and there are details of those on our Time Trial page. Three riders – Tom, Jamie and Izzy – recently won their categories at the National Closed Circuit competition. So watch this space for further wins.

Dan, Jamie, Izzy, Ben & Tom after their fantastic rides

What a year it has been for all our youth riders with ups and downs for everyone. It’s all learning and amazing experience, and a big thank you to all the organisers and volunteers at all the events across the country.



And not forgetting Graham our coach and the parents for the constant support and encouragement throughout the season. Thank you!

Graham on his track bike at Bournemouth joining in our fun!

Written by Lucy Gadd
Junior Ladies Captain (2016–17)


Sam Wadsley improves his club 10 record and signs for Primera-TeamJobs

Strava stats from Sam’s record ride (not the official time)

Not content with holding all three club TT records over 10, 25 and 50 miles, Sam Wadsley decided to knock another 22 seconds off his 10 mile record to an astonishing 19:00 at the Paceline RT 10 on the P881r Griggs Green course. After the ride he thanked Greg Parker Cycle Coaching for all his help this season.

Sam’s efforts have not gone unnoticed and it was announced earlier today that he has joined Primera-TeamJobs Senior team for the 2018 season! Primera announced “it is pleasure to have such a talented young rider on the team”, and that he is “looking forward to being part of a close-knit team and would love to achieve a top 10 in a national TT event”. Sam will remain in contact with Poole Wheelers as a second claim member of course, and will be joined in the Primera ranks by another Poole Wheelers second claim, Martin Rowland, who in 2017 teamed up with Ryan Weston as UK-Biking – Bournemouth Cycleworks – Trek Cycling Team sponsored riders.

Sam has been on a tremendous journey in Poole Wheelers since his first TT on 17th April 2013. Legend has it the young chap turned up to one of our club TTs pleading to have a go. Craig Weston did a 2-up with him to clock in a 27:43 and fondly recalled: “I even said stay on my wheel for 9 miles and with a mile to go ride past me and give everything you have, you lasted about 20 yards before blowing up.” His talent was obvious though, as he finished the season with a PB of 22:47 and joint winner of our Third Division. He won our First Division in 2014, and has won the Premier Division for the past three seasons (2015, 2016, 2017 – last one unofficial / unconfirmed). In 2015 he also won the club’s Rothwell league, and he of course picked up most of the junior trophies on the way. He will be missed by everyone in the club, though fortunately it means someone else will get the chance to feel what its like to lift any number of the club trophies Sam has dominated in the last few years.

Best of luck from everyone in the club! You are a giant among men.

Poole Wheelers’ club records for 10/25/50, now all held by Sam:

10 miles P881r course, Paceline RT 16 September 2017 19:00
25 miles R25/3H course, open 20th August 2017 49:12
50 miles P885/50 course, Blazing Saddles 50 2nd July 2017 1:46:14

You can view Sam’s record 10 ride on Strava, and our club records on the PW results website.

Featured photo is from one of Sam’s previous 25 mile club record rides.

Sam Wadsley completes the hat trick with new club 10 record

Strava stats from Sam’s record ride (not the official time)

Sam Wadsley continued his magnificent season yesterday by setting a new Poole Wheeler’s club record for a 10 mile time trial, to go with his 25 mile and 50 mile club records set earlier in the season.

The new club record is a blisteringly fast 19:22 set on 27th August at the Team Swift Charity Event on the V718/10 course. This is a six second improvement upon the previous club record (19:28) set by late Gary Dighton on our own P415/10 course on 14th July 2013. Sam’s previous PB on a 10 was 19:48 set on the P881R/10 course 14th June earlier this year.

Poole Wheelers’ club records for 10/25/50, now all held by Sam:

10 miles V718/10 course, Team Swift charity event 27th August 2017 19:22
25 miles R25/3H course, open 20th August 2017 49:12
50 miles P885/50 course, Blazing Saddles 50 2nd July 2017 1:46:14

You can view Sam’s record 10 ride on Strava, and our club records on the PW results website.

Fastest 10 mile TT rides by Poole Wheelers members prior to Sam’s record on 27th August

Sam Wadsley improves his 25 mile TT club record

Earlier today Sam Wadsley improved his 25 mile TT club record, with a new PB of 49:12! The new club record was achieved on 20th August at the “ (Men)(Chq To M Heritage-Owen)” race, again on the R25/3H course. Full results will be published on the CTT website in due course.

This is of course a new personal best for Sam and an impressive 12 second improvement on his previous club record on the distance set at the RTTC National Championship on 6th August.

Check out his record breaking ride on Strava.

Congratulations, Sam, and keep them coming!