Club kit

Former Ladies Junior Captain, Lucy Gadd, riding in Poole Wheelers kit

Poole Wheelers launched a new kit design in 2016 to celebrate the club’s 90th year. The design is approved by British Cycling.

Our current club kit provider is Halo Sports and stock is managed by Mark Valentine. Mark will bulk order periodically (which saves you paying P&P), or you can order yourself via Halo. You will need the password to view Poole Wheelers kit: poolewheelers*161025

The club does have various pieces of kit in stock, please feel free check what have in stock to buy from (see link blow). You are more than welcome to come and try kit any kit on please contact me.

Remaining stock of older club kit is held by our treasurer Ros Spencer. This includes items in both the old design and new design kit by our previous provider, Koa. See the links at the bottom of this page for lists of current stock.

The images below show our current kit design. You can view the full range and price list on the Halo website.



Club Clothing

We now have our own club clothing too, which we are using a couple of different providers for.

First up, the following two T-shirts from Letter X:


The polo shirt has the Poole Wheelers logo embroidered on it and T-Shirt has the logo printed.

Polo Shirt £12 (including embroidering).

T-Shirt £8 (including printing)

They are available direct with the company: Letter X, Canford Business Park, Magna Road, Canford Magna BH21 3AP. 01202 571661. If you have any questions please contact Mark Valentine.


We are also offering the folloewing range of items from Dare2be:

Again contact Mark if you are interested.

Shorts £31, as above (including embroidering).

Trousers £36, same as shorts but longer (including embroidering).

Water proof trousers £15 (including printing)

Waterproof Jacket, as above but in red and with Poole Wheelers Logo £66 (including embroidering).

Tops (including printing, front and arm) £29

These prices are the maximum you should pay, if I can get them cheaper I will pass the saving on

Spring Jacket XL NA 1 £65
Spring Jacket L NA 1 £65
Spring Jacket M NA 2 £65
Spring Jacket S NA 3 £65
Short sleeved tops full zip (Childrens) M NA 4 £25
Short sleeved tops S NA  1 £45
Short sleeved top full zip extra Length S NA 2 £45
Short sleeved tops full zip XS 1 0 £45
Short sleeved tops full zip M NA  2 £45
Short sleeved tops full zip L NA  4 £45
Short sleeved top full zip extra Length L NA 1 £45
Short sleeved tops full zip XL NA  0 £45
Ladies short sleeved top M NA 2 £45
Ladies short sleeved top S NA  2 £45
Ladies short sleeved top L NA  1 £45
Long Sleeve Skinsuit XS 1 0 £85
Long Sleeve Skinsuit M 1 0  £85
Gilet L NA  1 £42
Gilet XL NA  2 £42
Gilet M NA  3 £42
Gilet S NA  1 £42
Gilet XS NA  1 (£38) £42
Bibshorts XS 1  1 £50
Bibshorts XL NA  0 £50
Bibshorts S 1 0 £50
Bibshorts L NA  0 £50
Bibshorts M NA  2 £50
Bibshorts age 11/12 NA  2 £33
Ladies Bibshorts M 2  0 £50
Ladies Bibshorts L 2 0 £50
Ladies Bibshorts XL 1 0 £50
Ladies Bibshorts XS 2 0 £50
Ladies Bibshorts S 2 0 £50

Black Hoodies and white T-shirts also in stock, hoodies £15 kids and £25 adults. T-shirts £10 kids and £12 adults.

All of the above are now held by Ros.

Womens Shorts M 1 £15
Skinsuit Long sleeves M 2 £30

Cycle clothing is a long-term investment. If you feel comfortably dressed, you will spend more time on the bike.

Dress in thin layers, that way you can always change your layers to suit the changing conditions.

Always use padded shorts to prevent the soreness that can develop during a day in the saddle.

Consider investing in wicking undergarments. These materials take any sweat away from your skin to evaporate, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.

Skinsuits are perfect for the all out effort of a Time Trial, they provide the aerodynamic profile with no pockets. However, during a road race, training or leisure activity you may want to stow food etc therefore you may need clothing with pockets.

There is no easy way round this…… you may have to invest in a variety of clothing items to meet your particular needs. “Short” for the summer and “Long and Thermal” during the winter.

If you are competing in open events wearing the club colours is worth a minute a mile on the road !!

Mark endeavors to keep a good stock of club clothing. Help us to help you… please order in advance and be prepared to indicate your size preference!

Poole Wheelers kit is currently supplied by Koä and Halo (soon to be Halo only)

This is the link for the sizing guide

Most of our members can be seen out training in at least one item of club clothing which makes it easy to identify who is putting in the work for the season and if you see them give them a wave.