Kit bulk order January 2020

January 2020 Club Kit Bulk Order

I am taking orders now for the next bulk order, please feel free to order whatever you like from the halo’s web page. This is your time to think about what you would like for summer. This will be your chance to get your discount on the club kit, for joining Poole Wheelers before 31st December 2019. The benefit of the bulk order is you save on the postage/packing, and is often quicker.

Please feel free to order whatever you like based on Halo’s web page, you will need the password for Poole Wheelers club Kit, which is on our kit web page.

To place an order you need to email me ( and then make payment via the club account.

Bank details: sort code: 30-96-73, account number 57784268, all payments will need a reference, please put ‘Kit followed by your surname (e.g. Kit Valentine). I will confirm via email that your order and payment has been received, payment will be needed for order to be placed.

Examples of how to email your order, please use a separate line for each item:

Name                                    Item of clothing                               size                        cost of item        fit

Mark Valentine Short sleeve top                              Medium               £55                         Race

Mark Valentine Bib Shorts                                           3XL                         £62.50                   Standard

Joan Smith                          Skin suit                               Ladies M              £87                         Race

Nikki Jones                         Winter Jacket                    Children’s M      £40                         Children’s

Extra length can be added to any item, please let me know if this is the case. I have some examples of kit with extra length to short sleeve tops, bibshorts and spring top with extra arm length.

Order deadline: 24th January 2020

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