Sign up: Club 25 mile Time Trial on 10th September

The final of this season’s Poole Wheelers club time trials is on Sunday 10th September.

This is a 25 mile time trial on the P413/25 course, starting at 07:30 (7:30am).

Signing on at the start of the course.

Individual or team entries, road or TT bikes are permissible.

Please put your name down on this site in the comments section below which will help us to get a start sheet going, but as always entries on the line will be accepted.

This event counts towards the Rothwell league.

We are always looking for volunteers to help marshal our events. If you are able to help out with this or any other event, please let us know in the comments below or email Rachel Hadley.

Strava segment of the course below, and club records for the course are on our results page.

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  1. Thanks for organising. I’d like a ride please – similar to Steve, a slot just after 8am would be really appreciated! Thomas Piloni – BJW

    Anyone know of any suitable places nearby to park-up with a turbo beforehand?

  2. Hi guys this is also the Bournemouth Arrow championship so at the moment Matt you only have to ride to win. I have marshals at Holton Heath and 1 at bakers but would like help at Holes Bay and another at Bakers please.

    1. I’ve told all the other Arrows it’s been cancelled. Only way I’ll win anything!

      I’ll put a note on our Facebook page. See you Sunday.

  3. Hi everyone
    Here is the list for tomorrow, hopefully we will have more customers on the libe:
    1 Einar Thorsen
    2 Rob Wickham
    3 Martin Reeder
    4 free
    5 Pete perrin
    6 Phil Harris
    7 free
    8 Stuart Peckham
    9 Michelle Walter
    10 Matt blythe
    11 jack Wiltshire
    12 Pete Wilson

    Steve and Tom I will put you as late as possible depending on riders signing on on the line.

    Ian please pick up a jacket for. me and marshal at Holton Heath, John Pick at bakers and Howard at Holes Bay.
    Thanks everyone weather looks good

    1. I think the lane from the start towards Lychett Matravers looks alright – Little traffic, room to park, and far away from houses so no chance of annoying anyone with noisy turbos (for those of us that plan on a turbo warm up).

      Those that are local will probably have a better idea than me.

  4. Can you fit me in tomorrow please. Happy to go anytime but if there are no takers for early slots that’s a preference. Thanks. Russ

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