Sign up: Gallows Hill Club Team Time Trial on 23rd August

The twentieth of our regular Poole Wheelers club time trials is a 2-up team event on Wednesday 23rd August.

This is a 10 mile time trial on the P459/10 Gallows Hill course, starting at 18:50 (6:50pm).

Individual or team entries, road or TT bikes are permissible.

Please put your name down on this site in the comments section below which will help us to get a start sheet going, but as always entries on the line will be accepted. For team entries, please state who you will be riding with.

This event counts towards our Club 10 leagues.

We are always looking for volunteers to help marshal our events. If you are able to help out with this or any other event, please let us know in the comments below or email Rachel Hadley.

Strava segment of the course below, and club records for the course are on our results page.

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  1. Hi Ross, could I have an early (ish) start please (if my car fails its MOT that morning I’ll let you know!). Thx

  2. Hi Ros, please add me and Mike Rose (Exeter Wheelers) to the start list as a team.


    Doug Parker – Sid Valley CC

    1. Yes, you’re welcome to join. You can sign on at the start line and probably take one of the free early numbers. See you there!

  3. Hi I thought I’d replied yesterday but no sign of it. Nige Rendell and I would like to ride please (numbers 3 and 4 if possible!) Thanks. Lauren

  4. Start order – 1 Darryll Tidd. 2 Pete Cotty. 3/4 free. 5 Mark Bleakley. 6 Mark Hardwicke. 7/8Alan Yates/Kevin de Marco. 9/10 Doug Parker/Mike Rose. 11/12 Martin Reeder/Chris Simpson 13/14 free. 15 Tim Flynn. 16 Luke Rendell. Start Time 6.50pm. All riders to have a working rear light

  5. Hi Joan – sorry for late entry, I’m hoping to come along tonight so will take one of the free slots please.

  6. I’ve tried replying twice already ad there’s no sign of my replies! Nige Rendell and I will take 3/4 please

  7. Folks – there seem to have been an issue with some comments being caught in our spam filter. Apologies for that, it is always a balancing act between having an open sign-on system where this might happen or pre-registering etc. I have approved previous comments, though Joan won’t have seen these before doing the start list. Please do turn up anyway and sign up on the line, you’re all welcome! 🙂

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