Poole Wheelers race the European Youth Tour 2017

Tom, Ben, Oliver P, Charlie, Oliver G and I all went to the Assen in Holland for 6 days of racing at the European Junior Cycling Tour, 31st July to 5th August. Check out loads more photos on their Facebook page, and overall results. Tom and I raced last year, for the others it was there first time and first time racing in such big fields.

Day 1 – Prologue:
Only 1.7km so basically a sprint and chance to get a good starting position on the GC.

Day 2 – Assen Criterium:
Every few laps there was sprints for the Green Jersey. I was pleased to get points every sprint and be 2nd in the Green Jersey Classification. Ben had a brilliant race too, a fast start in our race split the field quickly but Ben worked very hard with his group and managed to get back, he finished happy with the peloton and moved up the GC ! Oliver P was also racing hard, moving up the peloton fast in cat 4, unfortunately he came off, but luckily he was ok to continue. He finished with great speed, we were all very proud!

Day 3 – Road Race:
Closed roads, cars, motorbikes and police to support the race made it very exciting for Oliver P, Oliver G and Charlie this was their favourite race. Oliver G was full of confidence on the start line, chatting away and planning attacks. Oliver P was very happy after he finished with the Peloton! Tom’s 50 mile race started with 140, included cobbles and lots of crashes. Tom crashed, but he still did brilliant after chasing back for 10 miles before finding a group of riders and finished 82nd – amazing as 50 riders got swept out by the Broom Wagon!

Day 4 – Time Trial:
I made the podium, very happy to get 3rd out of 77 in cat 6, points for the White Jersey Classification and a medal. For Oliver P, Charlie and Oliver G this was their first ever TT. Oliver G and Charlie had their best result yet. Tom and Ben also had great times, they moved up the GC again! Ben up to 43rd in cat 6 and Tom 73rd in Neiuwelingen.

Day 5 – Omloop:
Cobbles and more sprints for the Jersey’s. I finished 4th in the White Jersey Classification. Ben sadly crashed on his 2nd lap, he received a lap out and then showed great determination to finish despite being hurt. Tom’s category was due to split into 2 for day 6, he needed another good result today, he wanted to be in that fastest group on the last day. He did it ! Tom was very happy to be inside the top 70. As a first year in his category this is a great achievement!

Day 6 – Campsite Crit:
We were all tired but Charlie was clearly still full of energy, for the first time this week he finished with the Cat 2 peloton, his hard work payed off. A great end to the week, he was very happy – well done Charlie!

All the racing had finished, now the presentation. I finished 6th in the Cat 6 GC and was excited to go on stage and receive a Trophy.

The last night on the campsite included Dominos takeaway, cricket and crazy dancing, such a fun week. Hope we all go again next year, Oliver P and Charlie are already talking training plans and tactics!

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