Summer season starts, what’s next for you?

As the winter club rides on Wednesday evening will be coming to an end (final ride is on 5th April), we are as a club regularly asked “what else can I get involved in once these rides have finished?” You have already done the training in the dark, cold, wet and often windy conditions so why stop now that the weather is getting good again! It could be time to put some of that training to use in some of the following events.

Time Trials

Just you against the clock, no special equipment required. Just a bike, helmet and a back light.

You can just turn up to any of our club 10 mile time trial events which will start running every Wednesday evening and the occasional Sunday morning. Great for training and to learn about yourself.

The first Wednesday evening TT is on the 12th April, and the full list is on our Events page.

For more information contact Craig Weston.

Road Racing

Road racing consists of riding in large groups with one aim: to beat every other rider to the finish!

Multiple distances and difficulty gradings make every race unique so you never know what will happen.

To get involved you will need a full race licence from British Cycling which can be gained via their website.

To find out more contact either Mark Valentine or Ryan Weston, or have a look at our overview of getting into road racing.


We are lucky enough to have a velodrome on our doorstep at Bournemouth Cycle Centre in Ensbury Park. Poole Wheelers have outdoor track sessions planned throughout the year, and when winter hits we move indoors again. Bike hire is available with full coaching.

First track session is scheduled for 3rd April and every Monday thereafter.
There is also a ride on the last Saturday of the month at 2pm.

To find out more contact Graham Hurst, or have a look at our overview of getting into track cycling.

Social Rides

Saturday morning ride meets at Wimborne Square at 7:30am, 90 minute, mixed pace with overall average of around 16mph

Sunday Mornings:
Intermediate/Fast: 3 –4 hours, varied routes, only for experience riders as terrain and average speed combined will make these sessions a tough ride. Average speed 17- 21mph depending on course. (Craig)

Casual: 2 -3 hours, varied routes, average speed 16 -17mph. (Richard)

Check Poole Wheelers Facebook page for information.

All rides include a coffee stop 🙂

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