Sign Up for the 27KM Sunday 26th February

Don’t forget the first club event is on Sunday 26th February at 10am.  Signing on at the start, coffee will be provided at the finish.  Please put your name down on this site in the comments section below which will help us to get a start sheet going but entries on the line will be accepted.

Parking at the top of Puddletown Road is limited due to the road works so please make sure that you leave a space for the timekeeper.


Strava segment of the course below, and club records for the course are on our results page.

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    1. Ros…. Met a man today who may pop into the club tomorrow , needed my allen key and his brother told him to get involved with a club. Told him about club, runs, racing, track etc.

  1. Just thought of something, last time I went through the start finish area they were digging up the road. The works were not on the course itself but on the junction between the finish and the start. It could present a small risk with riders heading towards a set of traffic lights at full speed (if the works are still there). The best resolution might be to move the finish line back to the entrance to the glider club? (again only if the road works are still present).

  2. Hi Ros, just in case you don’t notice on the other post, all marshals have now been found for Sunday. Craig & Howard will each cover a post and Les & Wendy Harris will be doing Puddletown Road for us.

  3. Road works are still there. Clearly not going to be finished by the weekend either. The traffic lights are at the at the end of the finish lay-by but just after the finish line. IT marginal but you wouldn’t want to be head down charging towards the line and find a queue of cars sat waiting at the lights. 100-200 yards grace would be safer and the best place for Ros to park at the finish would seem the Glider club entrance. That would shorten the course by about 200 yards or 20 seconds I’d guess?

  4. Thanks everyone, I won’ t close the list until Saturday but we have decided because of the roadworks that the finish will be back near the turnoff to Bulbury Golf Club, about 1km short. We just need to ensure that riders don’t get tangled up with traffic queues. Signing on will be at the start, entries seniors £5 juniors £3
    No parking near the start please, the Army don’t like it.

  5. Hi everyone here is the list for tomorrow (entries on the line can be added)
    1. John Pick
    2. Dan Byrne (JV)
    3. Lauren Bishop
    4. Jamie Whitcher
    5. Charlotte Kelly JV 2 up
    6. Tom Kelly 2 up
    7 Tom Day
    8. John Burrows
    9. Chris Day
    10. Einar Thorsen
    11. Rob Flynn
    12. Lou Dutch.
    13. free
    14. Aaron Kneebone RNRMCA
    15. Steve Pink#
    16. Gavin Smith
    17. Luke Rendell
    18 free
    19. Sam Wadsley

    Coffee will be provided at the finish. See you tomorrow, hope the wind dies down a bit

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